Last Thursday in Grand Junction at the Clean Jobs Summit, E2 released the 2019 Clean Jobs Colorado report, finding there are now nearly 60,000 clean energy jobs across the state. Together with co-host Ken Scissors, who is an E2 member and Director of the Grand Junction Cleantech Business Coalition, they presented the report to business members and state and local public officials in Grand Junction. Representative Hansen, Chair of the Energy Legislation Review Interim Study Committee, was one of the speakers on the panel. He and his committee of nine legislators were in town for a hearing the next day, and many of those legislators joined the discussion.  The panel was moderated by Jim Spehar, and included distinguished panelists Shawn Rash, president of Ally Energy and David Dragoo, president of Mayfly Outdoors.

This year’s statewide report details Colorado’s clean energy jobs by individual industries, includes value chain data, compares clean energy workforce to the state’s overall energy economy, includes growth rates, and provides full breakdowns of clean jobs by county, legislative districts, and metro areas.

The report contains policy priorities for the state in 2019 and 2020 and two profiles of workers sharing how they got involved in the clean energy (one used to work in petrochemicals) and advice for those looking to transition. There is also a case study of E2 member Whitney Painter, co-owner Bart Sheldrake and their company, Buglet Solar Electric, based in Golden.

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Below is a quick list of highlights.


  • Energy Efficiency – 34,342 jobs
  • Renewable Energy –17,073 jobs
  • Solar Energy –7,775 jobs
  • Wind Energy –7,318 jobs
  • Clean Vehicles – 3,323 jobs
  • Biofuels – 2,045 jobs
  • Energy Storage –1,692 jobs
  • Grid Modernization – 1,272 jobs
  • ALL Clean Energy Sectors –59,666 jobs


  • Clean energy jobs also now employ 26,000 more workersthan the state’s entire fossil fuel industry (10,022)
  • 8,100 workersColoradans located in rural areas work in clean energy
  • 64% of clean energy workersare employed by businesses with fewer than 20 total employees
  • Colorado clean energy employers are projecting 3% employment growthfor 2019.
  • Construction (6%) and professional services (40.7%)make up the majority of clean energy jobs.
  • 6%of Coloradans employed in clean energy are veterans
  • Denver led all counties in Colorado with 13,200 jobs, followed by Arapahoe (7,600) and Jefferson (5,868) counties

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