The City of Grand Junction’s Long Range Community Development Plan

The Community Development Department initiates and facilitates long range planning efforts for the City. Over the years the City has adopted long range plans for the entire urban area, neighborhood planning areas, street corridors, area plans, subarea plans and overlay districts.

The Just Transition Fund

The Just Transition Fund is on a mission to create economic opportunity for the frontline communities and workers hardest hit by the transition away from coal.

National Association of State Energy Officials 2020 U.S. Energy & Employment Report

The U.S. Energy & Employment Report provides a unique window on the people who meet the nation’s energy needs, and identifies important trends and skill sets for the 21st Century energy workforce.

The “Clean Economy Employment Now” Project

Clean economy job creation ideas for government leaders, sourced from top executives and policy experts, shared via a state-of-the-art database that empowers idea discovery and evaluation.