The Cleantech Business Coalition (CBC) is a volunteer organization made up of business owners, employees, and other interested persons, to promote cleantech businesses and jobs. Our members range from photo-voltaic solar installers to bankers, whose products, services, and/or practices emphasize energy savings and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. We are local as well as national companies spanning the spectrum from new college graduates to experienced CEO’s.

The CBC agenda is non-political and non-partisan, focused on promoting Cleantech business and job growth in the Grand Valley. We believe that Cleantech businesses enhance the over-all economy and supports a healthy sustainable community.


To enhance prosperity and sustainability in the Grand Valley by promoting the Cleantech industry.

Cleantech is any practice, process, product, or service that reduces negative environmental impacts through significant energy efficiency improvements, the sustainable use of resources, or environmental protection activities or practices. Cleantech Business Coalition is comprised of businesses, individuals and representatives of organizations that support and/or represent cleantech businesses in the Western Slope.